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Bring Your Own Boat or Rent Ours

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Boat Ramp & Parking

Your most convenient option for a boat ramp is to put in at Pineland Marina. They offer a well-maintained ramp with fuel and facilities. You may park your vehicle and trailer for the duration of your stay on North Captiva for a fee of  $25/night.


A quick confusing note...the marina on Pine Island is officially called "Safe Harbor Pineland Marina" which sadly is confusing as the harbor of North Captiva is called Safety Harbor. So, w usuualy just say, "Pineland" or "Safety Harbor" respectively to avoid any confusion.


For more information or questions about Safe Harbor Pineland Marina you can click the link.

Pine Island Sound

Please familiarize yourself with the local charts and navigational markers as the waters of Pine Island Sound are known for large shoals and flats. 

Below is a sample link to a Navionics Chart route from Pineland to Safety Harbor on North Captiva. This is not intended to serve as a navigational substitute for your bearings and navigational decisions. Please use USCG's current & approved charts for navigating the waters of this area. 


Safety Harbor Marina

Safety Harbor provides secure docking for your vessel. If you do intend to bring your boat, please give us notice so that we can register your vehicle to stay at the private dock. This is not a full service marina, there is no fuel or other amenities, simply a dock with power, water and fish cleaning facility.

The entrance to the dock is secured with a locked gate. You will be given the code to enter upon confirmation of your boat's registration. There is private cart parking at the entrance to the dock entrance and many travel carts for bring gear to and from your boat.

Check out the timelapse video in the link below to see the navigational markings entering Saftey Harbor...


If you wish to bring your boat to North Captiva, please know that the waters in Pine Island Sound can be very shallow with many shoals and flats. The average depth of the entire sound is 7 feet, and that includes the ICW channel that provides deep water passage for larger boats. If you have a deep draw boat (>24") or are not comfortable navigating the skinny water you might want to visit the area first and go out with a charter or excursion cruise to see just what we're talking about. 

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