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Safety Harbor

If you plan will be bringing your boat to our island vacation home or even if you plan to rent a boat while here, we've created a short time lapse video to help you become visually oriented with the harbor marks and course to the Saftey Harbor Club "Wharf" dock.

The main channel entrance has confused more than one boater (including Jim) so in addition to the video please become familiar with any charts and know your boat's draft. You might see some boats taking 'non-channel' routes, in and out of the harbor, DO NOT FOLLOW them unless you know the route and water depth.

This is a partial video to show the general course and landmarks once you enter the harbor. We will be creating a new video soon that shows the entire journey from ICW right into a slip.

A timelapse entering Safety Harbor

UPDATE- July 10, the #11 Channel marker, seen above at an angle is nearly fully submerged after Tropical Storm Elsa.  Please take extra caution when entering the harbor as all that is visible is the top of the piling.

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