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Ordering your food prior to arrival

Just like a sailboat properly provisioning its galley before a journey, your vacation stay requires some food planning before your arrival.

The island does not have a supermarket. You must order your food on the mainland and use one of several options to get them to the island. These range from simply filling out an online form and letting our resources do the rest or you can do your own ordering and pick it up before arriving at the ferry. 


Don't worry if you forget something important, you can always place an order and have it delivered for a small fee. One of the best services is to have fresh seafood delivered the day you're planning a seafood feast.


There is also a selection of artisan and farmer's markets where we can get you organic or unique foods.


In Florida, you can order beer and wine with your grocery order but you'll need to do a separate order if you want spirits delivered. The home comes well-equipped with a variety of mixologist extras (bitters, simple syrup, etc) so ask before ordering anything special.

The house does stock some basic ingredients like oils, baking supplies, and spices. If you have questions please just ask if we have it in our Gypsy Wind pantry.

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