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Toys & Activities

Gypsy Wind features a new collection of amenities for exploring, friendly competition and relaxing in exceptional comfort. We have lots of fun outdoor games such as cornhole, foosball, Kan Jam, Giant Jenga, and Spike Ball.

To the Beach!

Bring everything down to the beach in our new heavy-duty all-terrain beach wagon. There is a complete collection of beach towels, blankets, chairs, a small beach cooler (please, no glass), and a variety of shade protection including a small sport tent, umbrella, and heavy wind-stakes. 

Adult PFDs.jpg




The two Bic Beach 11' SUPs provide an ultra-stable platform for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing, or whatever your next SUP adventure may be. An additional blow-up SUP is available for guests upon request. Each SUP has a paddle and safety leash that attaches to your ankle.


The unique ‘hybrid’ design of the SUP features a keeled nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency. Numerous attachment points for securing accessories and deck rigging come standard on all Cross models.


Two Tandem "Feel Free" Kayaks. A larger Corona Model perfect for two full-size adults and a Gemini Model, slightly shorter, makes it easier for an adult to take a child or for two teens to take out on the water.


Both Kayaks have a convenient stern wheel that allows you to easily roll them to the water. Both are equipped with paddles and a variety of PFDs, as well as a signal whistle to call for assistance. 

Golf Carts

Gypsy Wind has two Golf Carts for you and your guests who are licensed and insured drivers aged 16 years and older. These Club Cars are lithium-powered, 6-seater golf carts specifically built for the conditions on the island. Lithium batteries last longer and charge quicker making them the ideal choice for an active vacation. 


Many homes no longer rent their own carts due to liability and the way guests treat the carts. (You wouldn't believe the abuse). We take a different approach choosing to trust our guests to treat the golf carts and the island with respect. We hope you agree with our approach. You will receive charging instructions, driving rules,  and a USER agreement that MUST be signed by the renting party before your arrival.

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